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Looking for a tool to help motivate your child to read?


Introduce your child to the ridiculous and radical reasons to get them to read. Through examples, this book delves into the different levels of reading that your child can look forward to. Humor keeps them interested as you journey through the author’s ups and down growing up. As you progress, the adult reader becomes the model for reading as you lead your child on this most, excellent radical journey of the discovery of the mind. Engage. Learn and develop a love for reading with this unique approach.


The Ridiculous, Radical Reasons to Read to Your Kids will develop a love of reading for your child with you as their guide. Read together and build the foundation to reading for a lifetime.

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Why are Raccoons the bandits of nature?


Is it possible to tame them? Or are they better off left alone.


Find out this and many more answers about these adaptable animals of the forest. Learn about the use of raccoon’s hands, their quirky way of washing their food, why they don’t make good pets, their interesting family behavior and their uncanny problem solving ability. Often identified by their unique black fur mask around their eyes, raccoons are a unique wild animal that is often misunderstood. Delve into the pages of this book of facts and find out exactly why they are more suited to the wilds around your home than in it.


This book is a great resource for children looking for information for reports, have general interest in raccoons, and for those thinking of raccoons as just cute, pet like creatures that roam the forests. It will open your eyes to the marvels of this untamable creature.



What would you do if you heard something in the middle of the night?

Could it be a mouse, rat or even a raccoon?

Reggie D. Raccoon has to find a new food source quick. His food source, the trash cans by a suburban house, have disappeared when the “trash makers” left the suburban home. Luckily, a new “trash maker” moved in. But this new human doesn’t appreciate Reggie’s scavenging at night.

The noise keeps Preston, the new owner of the house, from being able to continue his work on his inventions. His neat and orderly life keeps being interrupted, and Preston doesn’t know what to do. He needs to finish his invention in time for a contest deadline. With the ruckus each night interrupting his concentration, will Preston be able to finish in time? Or will Preston find an unlikely ally in his new, stripped, tailed friend?

This adorable beginning chapter book is a perfect read aloud for teachers looking for a story that teaches survival and determination. Parents will love the lessons to be learned from this unusual duo. Humor and wit go hand in hand to deliver a loving story of friendship between these two unlikely matched characters. This book is a great gift for any child needing a demonstration of true fellowship.

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